They're only confirmed for Japan right now, but maybe we'll eventually see a North American release.

Developer Moss has announced (via Gematsu ) that they will port two arcade-style shoot-'em-ups to the PlayStation 3 in 2014. They were previously released on the Xbox 360.

It's Raiden 4 and Caladrius . The former will be called Raiden: Overkill on the PS3, and it'll boast a new "Overkill" mode when it goes live on the PlayStation Network this spring. Caladrius will come a little later, and it'll feature an extra stage and a new character not seen in the 360 version. For the record, Raiden 4 received a small retail launch in 2009 thanks to publisher UFO Interactive, and Caladrius has never been out of Japan.

Fans of this old-school shoot-'em-up style should be all over these two games, right? How are your reflexes?

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