Think you've got a pretty impressive, comprehensive video game collection?

Maybe you do. But you can't compete with this .

According to the Associated Press , a New York man has become the new world record holder for the largest personal collection of video games.

It's 43-year-old Michael Thomasson, who has amassed a library of 10,607 games, which easily passes the previous record of 8,616 games set back in 2010. However, Thomasson actually found even more games after the official Guinness World Records count occurred, which means he actually has closer to 11,000 total titles. He figures his mammoth collection is worth between $700,000 and $800,000, but he has no intention of selling any of it. His assembly of hardware also includes rare systems such as the Casio Loopy and Apple's Pippin console. Ever heard of those?

The ridiculous part is that he hasn't been building this same collection his entire life. He actually sold his first collection in 1989 to raise money for a Sega Genesis, and he sold it all again in 1998 to pay for his wedding. Currently, he purchases an average of two games per day on a $3000/year budget. Thomasson teaches courses on 2D animation, game design and video game history at Canisius College in Buffalo, and he can only play games for about 3 hours in any given week.

Man, I'd want a lot more time than that if I had all those games.