We've been saying it for months: without the software, the hardware doesn't sell. But we've also been telling gamers to expect a big change on the PS3 front this year, what with all the big games coming, and it seems Sony is anticipating the same thing. According to Reuters, Sony expects to see a sharp increase in the number of games released for the PS3 this business year.

Both the price of the system and the lack of top-notch titles have contributed to the PS3's relatively slow sales (the Wii has outsold the PS3 2-1 in the U.S., despite a similar lack of software). SCE's president, Kazuo Hirai, was quoted in the Nikkei newspaper as saying that "200 software titles and 180 download-only titles" will be released for the PS3 between now and next March. …that's a lot of games.

Of course, Hirai confirmed that Sony would be working closely with software publishers on marketing, "including events and in-store promotions," to help ensure this reported increase of titles for the PS3's library. Yup, if you make them, they will come…

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