PS3 owners have been keeping an eye on Heavenly Sword ever since it was unveiled early last year, and despite reported delays, the game still looks sweet. PS3 owners could use a great action game like this, and to help pump up the hype, the official site for the game has gone live!

You're immediately greeted by the video shown off at this year's Gamers Day event, and you can also peruse the latest news, media & downloads, game features, story information, and even a "Making Of" section for those interested in learning more. The video depicts Nariko's nimble and deadly ability along with that super-cool "heavenly sword," so don't miss it! From what we can see, it makes us want this game even more, but perhaps more importantly, it makes us believe the delays aren't quite so severe. In fact, with the site live, we're hoping to see a fall release date.

Don't bother poring over the site for an official release date, by the way; they say under the news section- "This is where they'll find everything they need to know as Heavenly Sword's™ much-anticipated release date approaches." Well, when it pops up on there, we'll be sure to let you know.

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