It's one of those challenging puzzle/platformers that tax the mind and the reflexes.

It's also beautifully drawn and apparently, according to reviews when it launched on PC, it's also a well put-together title. And now, Teslagrad is scheduled to release for both the PS3 and Vita some time next year. A PS4 iteration wasn't confirmed.

Norwegian developer Rain Games created this intriguing game and if you want to learn more about Tesla, well then, Wikipedia is your friend. Let's just say there's a very good reason why the game has the title "Teslagrad," and a good reason why his gadgets are all very scientifically oriented. Hopefully, we see it in early 2014 because it's exactly the kind of adventure that serves as a refreshing reprieve from the big-budget AAA productions.

Pretty sure I need those Blink Boots in real life, too.

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8 years ago

Vita gamers wanting Tearaway can get a digital code for $20 right now on Amazon.

(tomorrow PS3+ gamers can get PSN GoW Ascension for $10 as well)

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8 years ago

looks interesting might go on my psn buy t download list.

happy gaming =)