Once entrenched, sports franchises never die. 2K Sports has announced they'll be continuing their NHL 2K franchise with the NHL 2K8 installment for the PS3, PS2, and Xbox 360, scheduled to hit store shelves later on this year.

They say the title will utilize all sorts of next-gen capabilities, including new and innovative gameplay, revolutionary player models, and of course, super-slick visuals. 2K will once again take advantage of their patented NHL Signature Style, thereby highlighting unique player characteristics "never before seen in a hockey game." In a nice move to enhance the game's presentation and overall appeal, they're slapping branded equipment on high-profile players. In other words, your favorite player will likely have his own skates, stick, or helmet, making him instantly recognizable during gameplay.

“Building on the success of NHL 2K7, we have developed a title that is a truly accurate portrayal of the game and how it is meant to be seen and played,” said Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. “NHL 2K8 represents the complete next generation gaming experience and showcases the talent and experience of the development team. NHL 2K8 is an incredibly realistic hockey simulation and we are proud to create such an exciting video game.”

2K Sports has long since been a worthy competitor for EA Sports, so now we'll have to see if EA's next NHL title will be just as promising.

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