If there's going to be a new Battlefield in 2014, it may not be developed by DICE.

Publisher Electronic Arts has told Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter (as cited by Kotaku ) that a Battlefield entry for fiscal year 2015 hasn't been confirmed just yet. But if it happens, series veteran DICE won't be at the helm.

Rumors around the Internet say that Burnout developer Criterion Games might be on board for the next Battlefield installment. Interestingly enough, studio boss Alex Ward didn't shoot down these rumors; instead he said on Twitter that he's "not in a position to comment." Criterion isn't entirely ignorant in the field of shooters; they produced the 2006 title Black for the PS2 and Xbox.

The other possibility is Dead Space developer Visceral Games, as Pachter told Eurogamer . The Dead Space games are third-person shooters but hey, they're a talented group so maybe they could make the jump. Maybe DICE is going to focus all their energy and resources on the new Mirror's Edge and if that's the case, we're all for that.