With Blu-Ray heavily tromping HD-DVD, Sony's PS3 should benefit greatly from the apparent impending victory. A recent study conducted by SCEA has shown that the Blu-Ray disc feature in the PS3 is a major incentive for U.S. consumers. It's no real surprise, considering HDTVs are getting consistently more popular, and Blu-Ray is rapidly becoming the preferred format for HD media.

According to the results, 83% of participants said they watched Blu-Ray movies "occasionally or frequently" on their PS3, and 72% have bought at least one Blu-Ray disc since getting the PS3. Perhaps these numbers aren't shocking, but this study yielded an even more important statistic: 87% said they intend to purchase at least one BD movie over the next year, and 82% said they watch movies on the Blu-Ray format "as their first choice."

"In Europe, PS3 has only been on the market for 12 weeks, but we are already seeing a significant increase in sales of Blu-ray movies to the over 1m PS3 owners across the PAL region," said Nick Sharples, director, Corporate Communications at SCEE. “Just as DVD was a central element of PS2 and helped to establish that format, Blu-ray is a key enabling technology with PS3. We believe the two technologies – PS3 and Blu-ray together – are a killer combination and will take home entertainment to new levels globally.”

People have been questioning the move to put the new Blu-Ray technology in the PS3, but it seems the stage is set for this to pay off big time for Sony.

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