Gamasutra has been busy running around with the Sony folks and talking to SCEA producer Jim Molinets. In a little interview conducted with the online web outlet, the SCEA producer who is part of the San Diego studio revealed to Gamasutra that the studio has been split into three and their new focus will be concentrating almost exclusively on PlayStation Network games.

"Internally, we have shifted our focus from doing large-scope PS2 and PS3 titles to doing PSN titles exclusively. We've got three smaller groups now, and they're all doing very differentiated products with different requirements."

This sort of goes in line with what David Jaffe (God of War, Calling All Cars, Twisted Metal) has been saying for a while now. With the three smaller groups, each group is working on one game – so there's a total of three in development from San Diego, alone. Surprisingly, Gamasutra reports that San Diego's studio only consists of about 30 people behind the actual development aspects of a game.

"Our maximum team size is ten people, so we really utilize the strengths of all the different people within the studio," Molinets said. "Each individual product has a technical lead, a design lead, and an art lead."

In terms of the PSN community and in regards to software fixes in the event of bugs Molinets stated: "Because the [development] team is smaller, the dev cycle is smaller, and because our expertise level is high, we may be able to address things like that very quickly, as opposed to having to wait for a full two-year product cycle."

And last, but not least, Molinets dropped a bit of a hint towards a potential future PSN game: "That's definitely an opportunity on PSN. Sam & Max is a great example of that. You've got great characters that can go through a bunch of crazy scenarios."

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