Consumers have been complaining about the price of the PS3 ever since the launch late last year, but some people believe the price was just about right. One of them is Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot, who had some interesting comments regarding the PS3 price tag.

Speaking in an interview with, Guillemot said Sony "got the price of the PlayStation 3 right at launch," while still admitting a price cut would be essential for attracting more consumers. He said he thought the PS3 had "a great launch," and continued by saying-

"[Sony has] sold a machine that is actually expensive to build at the right price for consumers. It's just that if we want more consumers, we'll have to have a price that will make more people come in."

This is basically a clarification, as Guillemot got a lot of attention last month by saying Sony had to drop the PS3 "quite significantly." That may be true, but that wasn't the whole story.

"I was just saying that in the last generation, we had machines that were at a lower price and they were selling more," Guillemot explained. "It's just something to consider for all the manufacturers, that the price of the machine has a huge impact on the number of machines sold."

Well, that certainly makes sense to us. But in many ways, we understand what he's saying about pricing the PS3 for launch. Remember, Sony had to find a way to sell the system at an acceptable loss for them, but a price that wouldn't entirely put off consumers. Whether they managed to do that or not is subject to debate, but Guillemot makes a good point, here.

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