Maybe you're a bit reluctant to ditch your current game console(s). Maybe you don't want to shell out the cash for one of the new machines.

Well, Best Buy might be able to help. As spotted by Polygon , the retailer is offering quite the incentive to trade in an old PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360: A $100 Best Buy gift card.

There are plenty of rules and restrictions , of course, but it's still quite the deal. This promotion only runs through November 23, though, so you had best come to a decision quickly. So long as your old console works, and it doesn't show any visible signs of damage, you should be able to get that $100. Then, if you put that toward a purchase of a PlayStation 4, the price drops to only $300…the original cost of the PS2 when it launched in 2000, if you're wondering.

Expect to see many more trade-in promotions from other retailers during the holiday season. Two new consoles = mega huge potential for used product profit. Retailers love that.