I think I hear a whole lot of gamers laughing.

Call of Duty has been accused of being too similar to past iterations in the franchise; in fact, the IP on the whole has been accused of failing to innovate. After all, it has been using the same engine for years. Too man years.

But now it seems developer Infinity Ward has recycled cut-scene animations in the latest effort, Ghosts . YouTube user "satantribal" has posted up the following video, which shows nearly identical character animations and framing for scenes from Ghosts and 2009's Modern Warfare 2 . This is the kind of news that is bound to drum up more bitterness from gamers who really can't stand the series, primarily because of reasons like this.

It's not that Infinity Ward isn't talented. It's just that they're required to pump out a new CoD every two years, and they're not allowed to miss that November date. It's just too important for Activision. The result, however, is a "new" entry that, despite being plenty entertaining, feels significantly old and tired . Time to reinvent!