Apparently, making Warhawk available as both a Store download and a standard Blu-Ray disc causes some confusion. Two big questions began to circulate when Sony and Incognito announced the dual-release of this game: 1. Will both versions be the same? And 2: Will they cost the same?

Well, we don't have an official answer on the first question yet, but it's even more important now. According to 1Up, the downloadable version of Warhawk will only cost $20! But on the other hand, they also finish by saying, "when it hits the PlayStation Network this fall." Um, GameStop lists the Blu-Ray release of Warhawk as August 2, and the price tag is $59.99. …so now we're all kinds of confused. The downloadable version is $40 cheaper, but it won't be available until later? Will it be the same? What's it lacking?

At this point, we'd really appreciate some clarification from Sony regarding this matter, because the beta is super fun, and we know we want this title. But how and when remains a bit of a mystery.

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