Not too long ago, Sony announced that Ken Kutaragi would be taking yet another back-seat role with Sony Computer Entertainment, after announcing a previous re-shuffle prior to that. The shuffling of Ken Kutaragi came in light of Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, revealing the difficulties he's faced working with Kutaragi and how their social relationship has burned out.

Today, shortly after being made an honorary chairman, Kutaragi has stepped down completely from his post as SCE's Chairman and Group Chief Executive. Replacing him will be Kaz Hirai, who was formerly SCE's President and COO, and ran operations for SCEA prior to that. Kutaragi will not be part of the board anymore, but SCE representative, Sayoka Henmi, has stated that he will have an advisory post with SCE.

Kutaragi has been accused of going severely over budget, without permission from his respective higher-ups, and has marred a good deal of professional relations with co-workers and 3rd parties a like. Regardless, Kutaragi will always be heralded as a visionary who has driven the videogame industry to new heights with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Stay healthy, Krazy Ken. Stay healthy…

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