Next to Half-Life and Halo , it's probably the most recognizable name in FPS gaming: Unreal . As most every avid gamer knows, Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 is easily one of the most anticipated games of the new generation, and now, we learn the PS3 and PC versions will release ahead of the Xbox 360 version. Oooh, big news for PS3 owners; getting such a huge timed exclusive.

The rumor began a few days ago, and initially met with much resistance. After all, Epic has produced Gears of War , a 360 exclusive and arguably the best game on the system. Furthermore, their past comments regarding Sony's next-gen system haven't been exactly glowing. But thanks to that recent Geoff Keighley interview on GameTrailers yesterday, this rumor was proven true; Unreal Tournament 3 will be a timed console exclusive.

The reason? Well, Keighley said it's because Sony is allowing user-created mods for the game, and Microsoft thinks it could be used to "undermine" their Xbox Live service. The 360 version will come out at a later date after "they resolve some issues." That implies there's more than one issue, so we'll have to keep an eye on this…and also, how long is this "timed" exclusive? At last check, the game was scheduled for a January 2008 release (Q3 2007 in Europe), so do we have an update on this?

Guess we'll have to wait on the details. But for now, this is pretty good news for PS3 owners. UT 3 will kick much ass, guaranteed.

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