Aw, you Canadians are so lucky sometimes. Sony will probably drop the price of the PS3 before Christmas, but in the meantime, retailers are doing what they can to make the system appear more attractive. EB Games Canada is the latest to offer a special promotion regarding next-gen consoles, and their deals involve trade-ins.

Firstly, you can get a used or refurbished 60GB PS3 for $349.99 or Xbox 360 for $99.99 if you trade in 10 PS3/PS2/Wii/Xbox or Xbox360 "applicable" games. Or, you can trade in those 10 games and choose a PS3 with optional 20GB hard drive for $249.99. If you don't want to risk the used or refurbished PS3, you can get a new PS3 with your 10-game trade: the 60GB one for $399.99 and a PS3 with the 20GB optional hard drive for $289.99. This isn't a bad deal; you're getting $200 off the price of a new 60GB PS3 for 10 games, and most of the time, games aren't worth $20 in trade.

Of course, you can't go gathering up a bunch of old sports titles and get your big deal. Remember, many titles won't apply to this promotion, so make sure to ask your local store for a list of games that are excluded. They also say that "some conditions apply" and to "see store associate for details." Well, it's one of the better deals we've seen, so we suggest you take advantage if you can. This promotion only runs for a limited time… Too bad we in the U.S. don't get this deal.

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