Multiple sources continue to "confirm" it, but it's not "confirmed" until Sony themselves steps up and confirms it. Okay, we'll stop saying "confirm" now. Anyway, Sony has declined to comment on the reports that they're currently working on a force-feedback PS3 controller.

Last week, sources close to Innerbits said a PS3 controller with rumble was indeed in the works , thanks to "two independent sources at Sony." But after contracted Sony on the subject, both SCEE and SCEA refused to offer any comments.

Of course, Sony's policy on a price reduction for the PS3 has always been, "we won't confirm anything until there's something to confirm." They won't speculate to fuel rumors. So perhaps this is what's happening here with the controller, especially because Sony won't rule out the possibility of rumble in the future. After all, they didn't patch things up with Immersion for nothing, right? When and if Sony gets around to officially confirming a PS3 controller with rumble, we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can choose to believe whatever you wish. Personally, we're pretty sure it's on the way.

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