If you're old enough, you definitely remember Strider .

The rebirth of the side-scrolling slasher is on the way; it'll release for the PS3 and PS4 early next year, and it features brilliant high-definition visuals and the classic gameplay we all remember with such fondness.

To learn more about it, head on over to the PlayStation Blog to check out a hands-on post. There's also a great new gameplay video that brings a nostalgic tear to the eye. Once again, players will control Strider Hiryu, who has his indestructible Cypher weapon; his goal is to stop the evil Grand Master Meio, a ruling tyrant. The game is described as a "side-scrolling action platformer, set on one sprawling map." It's also compared to other RPG-influenced titles like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night , which makes me happy, 'cuz SotN is one of the greatest ever .

Learn more about the controls and basic gameplay, which sounds absolutely fantastic. And remember, Capcom is going for full 1080p visuals at a sharp 60 frames per second for the PS4 version!