A lot of next-gen gamers are pretty peeved with the fact that Eidos doesn't seem very interested in bringing the Tomb Raider remake (TR: Anniversary) over to any of the two next-gen consoles. It's always made sense that it'd be in their best interests to make an HD port of some sort, or re-tool the PC version a bit and release that. So, with the release of TR: Anniversary on the PS2 and PC, Eidos has revealed an interesting tidbit in regards to delivering the game to next-gen consoles.

The announced plan is to release Tomb Raider Anniversary through a series of episodic content that you download via Xbox Live for the Xbox 360. In other words, you can download the game chunk-by-chunk. But there's a catch, in order to download these episodes via Xbox Live, you'll need to own Tomb Raider Legend. The episodic content will be made available in September, but Eidos says that a boxed/retail version of the game will hit shortly after the release of the episodes – claiming arrival before year's end.

Now I know this news isn't featuring any PlayStation 3 talk, so why print it? Well, while the PlayStation Network may not see the release of episodic content for TR: Anniversary, the fact that a physical version of the game will be produced mark the chances of a retail version arriving for the PS3 very high. After all, Eidos has yet to snub Sony out a Tomb Raider game, seeing as how even the PSP is getting its own version of Anniversary next week.

Xbox 360 owners who are interested in downloading the game will fork over a total of 2400 MS points ($30) for all fourths of the game. Episode 1 and 2 + training mission will be the first available, with 3 and 4 seeing release in the following weeks. But don't forget, you need to have a copy of TR: Legend in order to download Anniversary.

Jane Cavanagh, Chief Executive of SCi (Eidos' parent company), said "Ultimately we also intend to make the title available at retail so that it reaches the maximum possible audience." Hopefully maximum audience means a PlayStation 3 release — it'd only make sense.

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