The PS3 may be lagging in Japan, but Sony always gets more good news for the future whenever Famitsu comes out with their "most wanted" list. Ultimately, it's the games that matter most, and those titles are on the way for Sony's next-generation console.

Half of the top twenty spots and four of the top five are owned by a PS3 game (as they were for the last "most wanted" list): Final Fantasy XIII , Biohazard 5 (which is Resident Evil 5 to us), Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , and Monster Hunter 3 . A DS game, Dragon Quest IX took the top spot, but we also see the upcoming PSP blockbuster, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII , and more PS3 games further on down the list ( Devil May Cry 4 and Gran Turismo 5 ).

But perhaps even more interesting – and it's a commentary on the Japanese gaming market as a whole – is the appearance of Square-Enix's recently announced The Last Remnant for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It's not surprising to see it break onto the list, but it stole the slot of a game that would probably be #1 or #2 on a "most wanted" list in the U.S. Yup, The Last Remnant replaced Halo 3 . Now, if the most popular Xbox 360 game around can't even make the top 20, Microsoft is still in for a long upward climb in that region.

The end of this year will see plenty of fireworks, though, and the PS3 should start jumping in Japan very soon.