We enjoy bringing you sales data for software and hardware, especially our weekly Japanese threads. It's no secret that the two sole next-gen consoles are under-performing. While no one expected the Xbox 360 to perform well at all, not many predicted the PS3's sales to be so lackluster.

A severe lack of content has plagued the system for months now, and only now does it look like the software is finally beginning to roll and it kicks off with the launch of Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Released this past Wednesday in Japan, for its first day of sales Ninja Gaiden Sigma managed to sell 20k copies. With another six days remaining, I'd estimate first week sales of 40-45k for the game.

Surprisingly, Call of Duty 3's debut came in much (and I reiterate: much!) better than expected. With 8k copies sold on the first day, my prediction for COD3 is 15-17k in debut sales. The big news is that the newest Eternal Sonata game, Trusty Bell, went on to sell an astonishing 30k copies for its debut day. I'm pegging the X360 title to hit 50-55k copies for its debut week.

Xbox 360 Trusty Bell – 30k

PlayStation 3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma – 20k

PlayStation 3 Call of Duty 3 – 8k

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