In news that certainly doesn't shock anyone, it seems many sources are saying that Sony is working on a Sixaxis version that includes force feedback. Yes, that "last-gen" feature Sony erased from their new controller should be making a return, but apparently, there's a small problem: the battery life.

According to a report published at Innerbits, the rumble is – unsurprisingly – putting a major strain on the life of that Lithium battery.

"Between the rumble and the wireless support, the batteries are draining too fast to be acceptable for consumers," said the report.

However, they've been working on this for some time now, and we're sure they can figure out a way to make it acceptable. The rumble is one of those features that gamers either love or are indifferent about; many could probably do without it, but they don't hate it. Others consider it a great feature for certain games. We have no idea how Sony will go about solving this problem, but we do know one thing: somehow making rumble an upgradeable option for those who already have the rumble-less Sixaxis might be a good idea. Otherwise, you're forcing early adopters of the PS3 to purchase another pricey controller. …and the system is pricey enough.

But anyway, we'll let you know how this pans out, and when you can expect to see a Sixaxis that rumbles.

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