Grand Theft Auto V is a fantastic achievement, and most gamers will agree with that very bold assessment.

Per our latest poll, the majority of readers said that Rockstar's recent AAA production qualifies as one of the very best games of all time. The reviews sort of point to the same conclusion.

Despite the detractors, GTAV boasts almost countless improvements, advancements and upgrades as compared to its predecessor. Deeper, bigger, much more refined, more expansive in terms of available content and gameplay, a much better and more complex narrative, and an unparalleled sense of immersion highlight this amazing open-world adventure. We haven't even reached the point where online play is available, and many are already hooked. Just not the biggest fan of microtransactions, which leaves a sour taste in the mouth… Nobody seems to like 'em.

This week, with Quantic Dream's anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls on the horizon, we want to know what you expect. Are you planning on receiving nothing but a masterful, memorable title? Or are you going to wait to see some reviews before making a decision? Next to Gran Turismo 6 , it's probably the PS3's last major exclusive, so here's hoping it's downright mind-boggling!

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8 years ago

I dunno man I'm trying not to get my hopes too high for Beyond, I don't want to expect to be as impressed as I was with Heavy Rain because this game seems very different and has had a much shorter development cycle. Also it could be riddled with graphical glitches based on what we've seen so far. Hopefully still great though, I wonder if being late-gen if it will sell as well as HR.

8 years ago

and the tradition of GTA being grossly over exaggerated continues.
im starting to believe R* could create a game where you press x to make a monkey take a sh*t, then the credits roll, and it will be claimed the best game ever!!!!!!!
its good but the typical R* BS holds it back, making that BS so much worse the annoyance of R* constantly refusing to fix things.
i mean if you f*ck something up who cares were human, but if you f*ck the same thing up for 20 straight years?
just far too many stupid restrictions.
perfect example yesterday the invincibility cheat was FINALLY found, but it only lasts for 5 minutes.
why only 5 minutes?
R* just LOVES to be a pain in the a$$ and throw stupid restrictions on people.
maybe they should change their name from rockstar to restriction star?

as for beyond im taking the safe ground and saying i think ill be disappointed.
beyond just seems to be rushed to release especially after the lux development heavy rain had.
the concept just does not seem as interesting and well fleshed out nor do the characters.
and i HATE the stupid new replacement for QTEs, sometimes it does not work either.
playing the demo sometimes finishing off the animations, like jodie blocking left to right so you move the stick right and you fail.
sometimes the animations dont sync up properly and make it really confusing which way your suppose to go.
really takes you out of the experience though, i mean there doing this to try make it more immersive but its quite the opposite.
at least with QTEs it matches the quick fast paced frantic panic, but with this your in a frazzle, your characters reacting really quickly, than all of a sudden time magically slows to a halt?
and thats more immersive?
another thing that really makes me feel like this has been rushed out the door, a solution to a problem thar really does not exist and a solution which is half arsed and poorly implemented.
another thing that worries me, david cage was actually here for a presentation monday last week and he said they have had ps4 dev kits for over a year now and have been working on something for that.
QD is a really small team, so how can they afford to spend any personnel whatsoever for a whole year working on a ps4 title?
as if the 3 year development span for beyond was not short enough, now they have been running at half capacity?

8 years ago

I played this game all weekend long. The last time I did that was like 2 or three years ago when the lovely Demons Souls was released.

It's the best GTA yet in terms of everything except music. The music, the commercials etc. were better in the other games. That's the bottom line.

Now as far as the best game yet or the game of the year? I don't think so. I have yet to play TLoU or Bioshock Infite and of couse Beyond: Two Souls but I think one of those will take it this year. The fact of the matter is that GTA5 has more cheerleaders behind it and that might influence some websites.

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8 years ago

Im not surprise it gta of course it good

8 years ago

I definitely agree. GTA V pretty much improved on everything I had issues with…minus the car garages. Theyre working on that though apparently….

As far as Beyond goes I'm not setting my expectations super high or anything but I'm pretty damn sure I'm gonna enjoy it. I've loved every game Cage has been involved in. Omikron, Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain. They're always different and enjoyable experiences. Hopefully it wont be overlooked by the masses because of it's late in the gen release.

Anything that brings a little innovation to gaming deserves some attention.