The jam-packed fall just got more crowded.

Two of the biggest games on the planet will arrive during the first fall months; Halo 3 on September 25 and Grand Theft Auto IV on October 16, but another giant title has landed smack dab in between the two blockbusters. Valve Software confirmed with GameSpot that Half-Life 2: Orange Box would be hitting store shelves on October 9, which only means we've got to shell out even more cash this fall. You can't pass this one up, right?

This bundle/compilation includes the award-winning Half-Life 2 with both the Episode One and Episode Two expansion packs, Team Fortress 2 , and the brand new Portal (sounds a bit like TimeSplitters , actually). We also remind you that Valve has officially canceled the Black Box version of this bundle, which would've been released for PC.

Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Half-Life 2: Orange Box will be $59.99 while the PC version will be $49.99.

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