The free-to-play business model is becoming increasingly popular, and it's inevitable that you'll see a lot more of it in the very near future.

This is a model that has resulted in plenty of discussions and arguments, so what's your take on the issue? Do you hate it for a variety of very serious reasons? Do you not really care one way or the other? Or do you see it as a promising style that you might really enjoy?

For my part, I'm not a big fan of paying as I go. There are pros and cons, of course, and I like the idea of jumping in and testing out a game for free. But there's just something…I dunno, sinister, I guess, about free-to-play. For whatever reason, it reminds me a little of gambling: It seeks to entice you and then keeps you coming back by means of your wallet. Whenever I hear "free-to-play," I picture some sleazy trench coat-wearing dude in a casino, chewing on a slimy toothpick and gesturing to the rows of slot machines and card tables. "The more you enjoy yourself, the more you'll pay," he's thinking…

Now, if there was some sort of setup where there was a maximum amount you could buy, that might be less creepy. So, if they released a game and only made $60 worth of total content for it, even if you ended up loving the game and buying everything, you'd only shell out a normal amount. And you would've had the added benefit of stopping whenever you like, before you ever hit the $60 limit. But such a concept could be abused like crazy; if you hook a player good, that person could end up spending a ton of cash. Remember, it's easy to forget how much you're actually spending when everything you see is only a buck of two.

Of course, everyone is responsible for their own lives. If you got hooked and doled out all that money, it's your own damn fault. I'm just not sure I like the idea, that's all.