We heard that the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster would hit Japan on December 19 , which made us wonder: When's it comin' to the US?

Well as announced over at the PlayStation Blog , it seems we'll be getting these anticipated Remasters some time "this winter." They say they're "thrilled with the progress so far." Glad to hear it!

If you opt to pre-order these two HD re-imaginings, you will earn a free upgrade to the Limited Edition art book package. It includes a few pieces of original concept art from the early development phases of FFX and FFX-2, and there are quotes and commentary from some of the original development team members. Apparently, this also features "a special message to you, the fans, from Producer Yoshinori Kitase." Oh, we already know the message-

A true Final Fantasy VII remake is coming. Book it.