While software sales saw a notable improvement, last week was
an overall declining week in terms of hardware sales. Despite
lower sales, the Nintendo DS still went on to sell a phenomenal
117k systems, which is a mere 6k less than last week. Likewise,
the Nintendo Wii also performed exceptionally well with 64.5k
consoles sold, a decline of roughly 5k. The PSP sold 25, dropping
about 1.5k. The PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 all failed to make any sort
of notable movement, be it up or down. Next week's chart will
feature both Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Trusty Bell, so we hope both
games make some sort of impact on the sales of the PS3 and Xbox
360, respectively. Until then…

Nintendo DS 117,228
Nintendo Wii 64,529
Sony PSP 24,711
Sony PS2 11,097
Sony PS3 8,776
Xbox 360 2,533
May 28th-June 3rd:

Nintendo DS 123,140
Nintendo Wii 69,748
Sony PSP 26,358
Sony PS2 11,814
Sony PS3 8,998
Xbox 360 2,219

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