Most everyone knows who Sid Meier is by this time; he's the guy who brought you some of the finest strategy games in history, like Civilization , Alpha Centauri , and Railroad Tycoon . But in a recent interview with, he has revealed he's also a big Sony fan, and – while he wouldn't confirm anything – there's a good possibility he's working on a project or two for the PS3. For those who know his work, this may come as a surprise, primarily because Meier is historically loyal to PC.

But things have changed, he says, and he's a very big fan of next-gen consoles, especially the PS3. And he appears ready to make the leap with his work.

"Thanks to the launch of platforms like PLAYSTATION®3, the time is finally right for this transition," said Meier. "Computers no longer have the edge on set-top systems. The technology is there; the audience is ready for deeper and more gripping experiences; and the bar's formally been raised in terms of enthusiasts' expectations. I hate to use the word convergence, but I don't know how else to describe the situation… The timing couldn't be more perfect."

Meier, who personally owns a PS2, PSP, and PS3, has already provided the PSP with the critically acclaimed Pirates! , but it won't end there. He clearly has a lot of respect for Sony and what they've managed to do with consoles, which means any of his unconfirmed projects could very well be for a Sony platform.

"Sony's done an amazing job of establishing a quality standard and delivering on systems' promise. Look at the caliber of titles we're suddenly seeing from machines like the PlayStation®2 – the company takes a long-term view and really focuses on delivering amazing hardware right out of the box."

The guy is more diverse than you might think, too. Just because he has traditionally focused on strategy titles doesn't mean he goes home and plays Civilization all day. No, his most recent gaming endeavors have included the likes of Okami , Gran Turismo 4 , and his "recent favorite," Resistance: Fall of Man . Oh, and he just picked up MotorStorm and "can't wait to give it a spin." With the considerable pull Meier has in the game industry, and his current appreciation of Sony platforms, maybe we don't need a confirmation. This interview may be enough.

However, we do know he's got teams of 50+ individuals currently working on several projects that may surprise everyone. Will it be a classic Meier-branded exclusive strategy title for the PS3? Or has his current gaming interests caused him to look to other genres? We can't wait to find out.

"Look at the level of content you're seeing on current-gen systems right now in the form of games like God of War® II," he finishes. "Remember: The PLAYSTATION®3 is light years ahead of this technology. As with any new platform, it's going to be a challenge and take designers some time to come to grips with the hardware. But believe me, you'll be amazed by the possibilities."

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