The Fox Engine has all sorts of potential, so will other developers get a crack at it?

Well, not in the near future, anyway. Hideo Kojima has commented that his promising new engine could be used for a first-person shooter or even a new Silent Hill installment, but it can't happen just yet.

In speaking to Gamasutra , Kojima said the engine would require a huge amount of work before it could be used in any other game besides the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain .

"Right now it's a bit too difficult. While, yes, the engine has been shared around internally at Konami, a lot of maintenance will be involved if we're to get the Fox Engine in a workable enough state to license it. At the moment there are no plans to license it to schools or other organizations."

So for now, licencing the engine to third-parties is "off the table." That doesn't mean we won't see it at some point down the road, though. And besides, we'll all be able to see it shine in MGSV, and you can bet that Kojima's team will make full use of that tech, so gamers can fully benefit. It's kinda what that team does : Make great stuff for core gamers.