All MotorStorm fans have been anxiously awaiting the content promised for June, and while some of that content has been delayed for a bit, it appears there is an update to the European PlayStation Store. It's a patch that will enable the new Time Trial mode.

However, before you leap to the PS3 and get to downloading, there is something you should know: at a variety of forums around the Internet, including NeoGAF and ps3forums, those who have downloaded the patch now see only a black screen when trying to boot MotorStorm . But after looking into the mystery a bit further, it appears this isn't entirely the fault of Sony. There's one crucial bit of information you really can't miss if you want this patch…

Important : you can't go to the Store and download the Time Attack patch; you must boot the game first and then download the necessary update. Now, if you've already downloaded the patch from the Store and you're getting the black screen, go to the Game Data Utility folder in the XMB and erase the MotorStorm 1.1 update. This will make the game bootable again. Then you can load the game and download the patch.

It does say on the Store that you should boot the game first before downloading the patch, so this is a lesson: read the rules!

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