With Grand Theft Auto V so painfully close we can smell the grit there's still more to learn about the forthcoming blockbuster.

It's no secret that Rockstar games tend to borrow from each other, after all when something works well you usually do well to stick with it. Red Dead Redemption was a pretty solid American West sendup to GTA after all.

The same is true with GTAV, as IGN finds that the game will incorporate other successful gameplay elements from Rockstar games. One update is a wicked smooth weapon wheel transplanted from Red Dead Redemption to make weapon selection a breeze in tense shootouts. GTA has never had animals before and the experience gained from RDR will make the world more lively by integrating wildlife.

Shooting action will feel more fluid and aims to take its cue from Max Payne 3 with maneuvers like staying prone while rolling onto your back to avoid incoming fire. The driving will also sample from another game, Midnight Club: Los Angeles . Franklin will duplicate the “Zone” ability by slowing down time to achieve incredible feats on the road.

Rockstar North associate technical director and combat designer Phil Hooker elaborates on the improvements to the shooting and driving respectively:

“Lots of time and effort went into the combination of shooting, targeting, animation and camerawork: Grand Theft Auto is about spontaneous, classic action shootouts. We think players will appreciate being about to run and shoot comfortably from the hip, and the new transitions in and out of cars and in and out of cover. There are a range of new customizable targeting options as well.”

“The player should easily be able to pull off cool moves so they feel really part of the action. For example, driving has been completely reworked so it’s much more responsive and direct, allowing controllable handbrake turns and adding in a little bit of wheelspin at exciting moments, whilst still allowing the player to keep full control.”

That sounds pretty great to me and actually makes me more interested than I was. As great as GTA is I would never have called it a smooth shooting and driving experience, but this sounds like Rockstar might be taking a cue from the likes of Naughty Dog as much as they are taking working ideas from their own properties.