We seem to be running around in circles covering this topic at least once or twice every week, but the more confirmations of a PS3 price-drop we get, the merrier. We've had numerous high-profile executives comment on the status of a price-drop, but none of them as high as Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer. Speaking to the Financial Times again, Stringer states a plan on 'refining' the price of the PS3.

Off the bat, the interviewer asked Stringer about the PlayStation 3, Stringer was quick to give kudos to Nintendo: "I would be the first to say to you that Nintendo Wii has been a successful enterprise and a very good business model compared to ours… Because it's cheaper."

"While people have not bought as many PlayStation 3s as it looks, it is no different from PS2 and PS1 in terms of percentage of sales. I think that the public would like the cost to be lower, there’s no question about that." When the Financial Times reporter asked Sir Stringer about what price-point the price-cut could entail, "That’s what we’re studying at the moment; that’s what we’re trying to refine," said Stringer.

When asked if we'd be seeing a price-cut before Christmas (holiday season), Stringer boldly stated "Yes, of course." He commented on the PS2's continuing success, as well as the PSP's "upward spiral" thanks to its price-cut.

"So I think PlayStation 3’s travails are usually solved by time. And it will have an instant gratification environment, not only in life but in the press as well as everything else. It’s a good story right now, 'Will PlayStation 3 get to Christmas?' And the answer is, of course it will get to Christmas."

On the topic of potential being used by the PlayStation 3's developers, Stringer said: "It takes a long time for producers, and more time because of the cost factor, to embrace the full bandwidth of PlayStation 3. It’s only using 20 per cent of it right now. And producers will always wait to see how it’s going, and once they use the full bandwidth the games experience is stunning."

You can read the full transcript here (you may have to sign up to read it. Use bugmenot.com to bypass): http://www.ft.com/cms/s/ebccb53a-1a9b-11dc-8bf0-000b5df10621.html

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