As you can see, looking at the April software results and
May's, last month was definitely a very slow month in sales. Only
Mario Party 8, Forza 2, and Command & Conquer 3 managed to
break into the chart. Pokemon once again continues to dominate,
pulling in another 331k games, on top of April's 1M. Mario Party
8 was close to pole postion, selling 314k copies. The PS2 version
of Spider-Man 3 had an entire month to sell an additional 249k
games, which is on top of the 105k it sold during its first three
days for April's results.

1. NDS Pokemon Diamond 331k
2. WII Mario Party 8 314k
3. PS2 Spider-Man 3 249k
4. NDS Pokemon Pearl 238k
5. WII Wii Play W/ Remote 227k
6. 360 Forza 2 217k
7. 360 Guitar Hero 2 w/ Guitar 184k
8. 360 Spider-Man 3 140k
9. 360 Command & Conquer 3 138k
10. PS2 Guitar Hero 2 w/ Guitar 131k

April 2007:

1. NDS Pokemon Diamond 1.045 M
2. NDS Pokemon Pearl 712K
3. WII Super Paper Mario 352K
4. WII Wii Play w/remote 249K
5. X360 Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar 197K
6. PS2 Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar 142K
7. X360 Spider-Man 3 117K
8. PS2 Spider-Man 3 105K
9. PS2 God of War II 101K
10. PS2 MLB '07: The Show 79K

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