Grand Theft Auto V is only a couple weeks away and unsurprisingly, a great many gamers are pumped.

In our recent poll, we asked the readers if they planned to purchase Rockstar's latest potential masterpiece. As it turns out, the significant majority said they'd be nabbing GTAV on day one. A fair number said they'd "definitely" get it at a later date. Holiday gift, perhaps?

Of course, it's not everyone's cup of tea. The second-largest group said they have zero interest in the game, which may or may not be a bad sign for Rockstar. Analysts have predicted that GTAV could sell upwards of 20 million copies in its lifespan, which would make it one of the best-selling games of the generation. Given the hype and anticipation, the reputation of this stellar developer, and the iconic GTA brand name, the fifth entry should be a blockbuster. But will the reviewers have an impact on that outcome…?

This week, now that Gamescom is done, we probably know the full PlayStation 4 launch lineup. What do you think of it? Killzone: Shadow Fall , Knack and DriveClub should be great, but maybe you wanted to see games like inFamous: Second Son (which won't hit until February). Then again, if you compare this lineup to past lineups for new PlayStation hardware, maybe you realize it's actually pretty impressive, especially with the help of massive third-party releases.

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9 years ago

It will be interesting to see if GTA can get all the 10's that IV did again. I used to really love the franchise but I think the addition of super-human capabilities into sandbox games has ruined the experience (for me)of running around as a normal person doing mundane hobbies and who needs guns and ammunition and cars and allies to dominate the city.

I think this launch lineup is pretty awful. Cross gen games aren't even next gen. Driveclub and Knack probably won't be burning up any charts and KZ never really got the sales or critical acclaim to command the whole Playstation shooter fanbase. I don't see any RPGs…

But then again not launch is every that great and the hardware seems to be popular anyway. Wouldn't have minded a Summoner III or Folklore 2 🙂

9 years ago

I cant say Im excited about the launch lineup but its good to see that Sony has 3rd party developers started early this time. I originally planned to get a PS4 when MGSV or FFXV released but with strong third party support Ill probably get it before fall next year when all the good games roll out.

9 years ago

The launch is ok. I would of course prefer a monumental launch lineup but then again, Who wouldn't?

It would be great if Sony surprises everyone and announces an additional 3 to 5 games before launch. Nothing expected. New IP even.

Back to reality, If Sony has learned another lesson
from last gen I hope it is having a steady stream of games and content. No dry spells at all. Especially immediately after launch.


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Lawless SXE
Lawless SXE
9 years ago

You know there is an issue when something like Resogun is arguably the most interesting launch title. I don't mean to put down Knack and DriveClub (KZ, I'll get and hope that it prompts more than the 'meh' response from me that the rest of the series has), because they both seem to be appealing games, but I'm not interested in jumping into them. It's not a bad line-up, but IMO, it doesn't really come across as good. It's just apathy.

Even post-launch, there are fairly few announced games that catch my eye. It's disappointing.

9 years ago

a cat learned how to turn on a PC, use a mouse, launch a web browser, and type in the address did it?
exactly two weeks from tomorrow, oooooooooo so excited, yet so scared and anxious at the same time!
one part of my minds going GTA! GTA! GTA! GTA! GTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just two more weeks, and ill know which side was right.

as for the ps4s launch lineup its pathetic!
my most anticipated title is knack, and thats only because its been heavily inspired by crash bandicoot.
wow the most anticipated launch title is a rehash of a 17 year old game!
how sad……..

and to make that even more disappointing all the third party titles are going to be available weeks if not months in advance, so that diminishes the launch title values even more.

one thing that makes me really concerned about next gen systems.
they REALLY do not seem ready for launch, no where near where you would expect them to be 3 months out from launch.
i mean next gen games were still seen running on high end PCs at gamescom!
3 months before release and some games still are not running on dev kits?

these systems have supposedly been in development since 07, thats 6 years in development, and there in the state their in!?
6 years in development and we still have zero big name developers lined up for the ps4.
whats ND working on?
whats $ony SM working on?
whats the rest of japan studio working on?
whats $ony bend working on?
whats $ony london working on?
whats $ony cambridge working on?
whats MM working on?
whats QD working on?
whats insomniac working on?
whats PD working on?
its pathetic, $ony has THE largest first party lineup in the industry, yet M$ has more exclusives announced for the system!
how the &^%$ is that possible!?
the biggest most popular studio that have announced their game is GG.
in the WWS lineup their hardly the biggest most popular studio, actually more accurately there more like in the BOTTOM FIVE!!!!!!!

and more disappointingly and whats really going to hurt the systems sales, is again as above, what do we have to look forward to?
next year theres infamous second son, the order 1866, and????????????
you expect people to spend 550+ bucks on a system in anticipation of 2 been there done that, games?
yeah…….. good luck with that!!!!!!!!

Banky A
Banky A
9 years ago

i only want killzone: sf, driveclub, knack then infamous.

oh wait. ??!!

lol not the greatest lineup that could've been but every big studio has been busy working on their last masterpiece games late on on ps3 (cheers sony computer entertainment).

of course though all of these titles and any in the future pale in comparison to the most exciting release of the decade: OCTODAD DADLIEST CATCH
– and no i don't want to play it on this pc lol

Last edited by Banky A on 9/2/2013 7:18:07 AM

9 years ago

I am looking forward to Knack, looks fun, AC4 and Killzone but both those games also available on last gen. I am still waiting for a comparison for last gen and next gen versions. I also pre ordered Drive Club and Watchdogs, also available on last gen.

9 years ago

The PS4 launch line-up is decent. I'm buying Watch Dogs and Knack on Day One. DriveClub, I'll probably wait until it shows on PS+.

Grand Theft Auto V will be my final PS3 game. Beyond: Two Souls looks amazing but I doubt I would put in any time on it while I'm playing V. After I finish V, I plan to sell my PS3 alongside V, The Last Of Us, Dragon's Crown, Sly 4 and my downloaded version of BioShock Infinite to cover the costs for the PS4. It's time to move to the next generation.

9 years ago

Honestly I am not a fan of any of the Grand Theft Auto games so I will not be playing V any time soon, if ever. As for launch titles, I feel that both systems have a lackluster launch line up, as I cannot really come up with a title that I must have when I pick up my new systems. In my mind Knack actually looks the most interesting.