After April's staggering hardware numbers, especially for
Nintendo, we didn't think that it could get any better for the
company that's brought us Mario and Zelda. Between April and May,
Nintendo saw a drop of sales for both the Nintendo DS and
Nintendo Wii. But, both units still went on to sell fifty boat
loads each, with the Nintendo DS racking in 423k systems and the
Wii pulling in 338k. The biggest winner of May was the PSP.
Fueled by its $30 price drop, the PSP went on to sell a highly
respectable 221k systems – up 27k from the month before.

The PlayStation 2 is still selling at brisk pace, despite its age
and without even a $99 price-tag. The PS2 sold 188k consoles, a
marginal drop of 6k between April and May. Arguably, the biggest
loser of the month is the Xbox 360 which failed to see any boost
in performance with its all new Elite SKU launching late April.
Performance of the Xbox 360 dropped by nearly 20k. The PS3 saw no
virtually no difference in sales, as it pulled it yet another 82k
sold, coming it nearly dead last. The console, and public, are
clearly waiting for a price-drop.

Nintendo DS 423k

Nintendo Wii 338k

Sony PSP 221k

Sony PS2 188k

Xbox 360 155k

Sony PS3 82k

Nintendo GBA 80.5k

Nintendo DS: 471k

Nintendo Wii: 360k

Sony PS2: 194k

Sony PSP: 183k

Xbox 360: 174k

Nintendo GBA: 84k

Sony PS3: 82k

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