I still refuse to believe that Madden has been around for 25 years. That just can't be possible. No freakin' way.

And yet, there's a really old entry sitting in my SNES in the bedroom right now, so it kinda has to be true. And this year, EA is celebrating a quarter-century of video game football with Madden NFL 25 .

The launch trailer highlights the franchise's roots, and also showcases all the slick new moves offered in the latest entry. With a new engine, enhanced animations and visuals, and the deepest, most robust micromanagement in the history of the series, it's a pigskin-lover's delight. Over the years, as technology has improved, EA has worked to deliver the most authentic football games possible…but I still liked the old-school experiences, where there was usually one or two moves and plays you could exploit forever.

C'mon, what was wrong with that? If hurdling makes you magically invincible, what of it? It's funny .