Sony hasn't wasted any time in addressing the big topics on their new PlayStation blog, and SCEA boss Jack Tretton is the most recent Sony executive to sound off on one of the bigger subjects: PS3 criticism.

In a post talking about the console's high price tag, difficulty of software development, and the inclusion of Blu-Ray, Tretton compared the critical assessments to both the original PlayStation and the PS2. This doesn't surprise us, because we all remember hearing much of the same when each system launched.

"When we introduced PlayStation 2 in 2000 we received much of the same criticism," wrote Tretton. "When we introduced DVD based storage we were told that CD had more than enough capacity to store game data."

Tretton did say that "past success is no guarantee of future success," but he also added that those past achievements have provided Sony with some helpful perspective. Finally, he commented on the upcoming PS3 titles, which should both showcase the power of the PS3 and "entertain like no other games have." We await those games just like everyone else, Jack, but how's about confirming a price drop? It'll only make those hot titles look all the more attractive…

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