Last generation, Tecmo was fully on board with Microsoft's Xbox, but clearly, they hold no long-standing loyalties. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a PS3 exclusive, and now, they've confirmed they'll be working on more projects for Sony's platform.

In an exclusive interview with Eurogamer, Sigma director Yosuke Hayashi first slammed those who claim the PS3 is too difficult to develop for, saying, "if they think it's difficult, they should get out of the ring." He probably knows what he's talking about; Tecmo has been responsible for some of the prettiest games on record over the past five or six years.

And when asked if the team intends to create more games for the PS3 in the future, the reply was pretty clear…well, in a roundabout sort of way.

"As I said, people who complain about the difficulty of creating games for PS3 should get out, right?" said Hayashi. "While I'm saying that kind of thing, if I get out myself, then what I say doesn't mean anything! So, I should stay – right?"

Tecmo hasn't announced any new PS3 projects as of yet, but it's good to know they're coming. Sigma will be huge, of course, but we're looking forward to some of the original titles the team might produce. Tecmo has proven to be a very competent developer, so the PS3 can always use their expertise.

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