When it launches this fall, PlayStation Home should be a huge deal, for Sony, PS3 owners, and would-be PS3 owners. From everything we've heard, the project could boost PS3 sales a great deal, primarily due to its size, scope, and customization options featured in Home. The online endeavor certainly appears interesting, but many would like to be accepted into the beta before all is said and done.

These beta invitations have apparently been going out over the past few weeks, but it's hard to confirm when and where. Europe got a few invitations, but they were very limited, and the same goes for the U.S. invites. But now, the buzz is clear: in various game forums around the Internet, users are claiming to have found a Home beta invite at the PlayStation Store. It's happening too often to be a coincidental ruse, so we suggest checking your Stores…the invite might be there!

Of course, the official Home Beta Trial site hasn't changed at all in months. It still says, "keep checking back to register." But clearly, Sony isn't totally adverse to accepting people into a closed beta before opening up that site.

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