Ever since the PS3 released last year, Heavenly Sword has been one of the most anticipated titles for the new system's library. Earlier this year, it received a concrete date of September 4 for the U.S., which was good news for those anxiously awaiting the debut of this very pretty title.

Unfortunately, it appears you might have to wait a bit longer before taking control of the beautiful Nariko. According to the most recent edition of Famitsu, she won't be battling her way into our hearts on September 4. No, it appears the game has been pushed back, but we don't know until when. Perhaps it only slipped a few weeks, or it could've slipped to 2008…which would be bad news. This is one game PS3 owners certainly wanted to see this year.

We'll let you know if they nail down a new release date, and whether or not it should be added to your holiday wish list.

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