Grand Theft Auto V is only one month away, and Rockstar is starting to push.

Now, they've released a three-minute video that outlines the gargantuan world, and how multiple players can enjoy it. Online multiplayer in GTAV could be downright evolutionary!

As you might expect, you can do whatever you want. If this franchise had a motto, that would be it. You can just run around, stealing cars and getting into trouble, or you can team up with friends and rob banks (or perform other daring heists and criminal endeavors). Or, if you'd rather just be involved in straightforward multiplayer action, there's always deathmatch and other traditional modes. In short, regardless of your mood or attitude, there's always something fun to do in Los Santos.

This might be one of the few games where the multiplayer hooks me. It almost never happens but this…oh, the possibilities! But remember, for whatever reason, the online component for this game won't be available until October 1 . That's very odd, and it's interesting to note that your online character will not be one of the three protagonists from the campaign. And yet, the online and single-player overlaps…hmm…