We already told you about Take-Two Interactive unveiling their 2007-2008 lineup , but there are a few points of interest in that report that have been getting some attention.

The first is the fact that the listing for "Grand Theft Auto IV Episodic Content" only includes the Xbox 360, and not the PS3, despite the fact the game will be available on both consoles. Is Take-Two planning to release extra downloadable content for GTA IV only on the Live Marketplace? That would be a big blow to PS3 owners, but we doubt this is the case; perhaps they just haven't gotten around to thinking about the PlayStation Network yet.

Another point of interest centers on L.A. Noire , a game that includes dapper-dressed gentleman from the 1940s doing not-so-dapper things. If you take a close look at the Take-Two lineup, only the PS3 is listed for this game, which indicates the anticipated title would be exclusive to Sony's platform. To this point, Take-Two had not officially confirmed which platforms L.A. Noire would appear on, but perhaps we can call this an "official" confirmation…?

Hopefully, the publisher will clarify within the next few weeks; will all extra GTA IV content really be exclusive to Live? Is L.A. Noire really a PS3 exclusive? We should be finding out soon.

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