This has gotta be some kind of record.

While PS3 sales continue along slowly but surely in most parts of the world, it will release in Korea on June 16 – they get the PS3 with the bigger 80GB hard drive – and gamers are already clamoring to get one. Whenever you sell 200 units in three minutes, chances are, you've got something people want.

Before the launch, Sony strategically placed a bunch of systems on one of the country's cable TV shopping channels. Obviously, it was designed to promote the new console for Saturday's launch, but the fans simply couldn't wait that long. Every last unit was sold almost right off the bat, even before Sony could pump up their system with more hype.

"It was an amazing pace that nobody had expected," said Sony Computer Entertainment Korea marketing manager, Kang Hee-won. "It also meant that there wasn't enough time to show off the PS3's various functions to viewers, since they were sold out before we could explain them."

Microsoft isn't worried, though; they believe this is a good sign for both companies. Microsoft Korea's marketing coordinator, Lim Dae-hwan said, "we have a positive view [on the launching of the PS3]. We welcome it. We have walked alone, but the competition will make us grow together [with Sony]." Well, that's an awfully healthy – and non-confrontational – stance, don't you think? But we have to agree in principle.

It appears as if Sony will experience another record-breaking PS3 launch in Korea, as they did in Europe, so we'll keep an eye on the numbers next week. If this cable TV buying bonanza is any indication, the PS3 is one product that should sell like hotcakes.

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