We all have our personal preferences. And a few of us would say that our favorite game of all time is a little…odd.

Maybe it was never all that popular, or maybe the critics didn't say it was all that great. Or maybe it's just a game that your friends never "got." So, here's your chance to tell the world why your favorite title is your favorite!

I'm still not sure I've got an all-time favorite but if I do, it'd probably be Final Fantasy Tactics . It's difficult to put into words why I love it so much; after all, I'm more a fan of turn-based RPGs and not strategy/RPGs. In fact, FFT is one of the few strat/RPGs I ever actually finished. I played a bunch of others, of course (a few Disgaea s, Tactics Ogre , Koudelka , etc.) but I didn't finish them. The only other titles in that sub-genre I loved were the Vandal Hearts games.

There was just something about the perfectly balanced gameplay of FFT that continued to draw you in. The story was pretty good, too, and I liked the characters. But above all else, it was that combination of freedom for powering up your characters combined with the linear advancement of a narrative. Plus, that gameplay was just…immaculate. Some will say that not being able to take back a move (as you could do in most such games) was a design flaw; I say it was an added challenge. I just have tremendous difficulty finding anything wrong with the game.

How about you?