Want a way to pass the time on a rainy day…with a bit of rhythm involved?

It has been revealed over at the PlayStation Blog that Kickbeat will hit the PS3 and Vita on September 3. It will support Sony's Cross Buy initiative, so if you buy one version, you get the other free of charge.

If you're not familiar, Kickbeat is just what it sounds like: Beating on enemies in time to the music. Your foes will come at you from all directions, and you must defeat them by pressing the buttons displayed at the right time. Match up with the beat of the selected track, and deal some serious pain! There are 18 featured songs, including tracks from artists like Celldweller, Pendulum, Papa Roach and P.O.D. The game also boasts hand-drawn artistry, leaderboards, different difficulty settings, and a Survival Mode.

Seems like a great idea, doesn't it?