Riiiiidge Raaaacer!

A new installment in the esteemed racing franchise is heading your way later this year. It's called Ridge Racer Driftopia and if you want to test it out, go ahead and sign up for the Closed Beta . The beta has already started on Steam; we're not sure when or if it will be available for PlayStation 3 players. The game, however, will be released as a free-to-play title for both the PS3 and PC.

This is the first time the long-running series has gone free-to-play. In development at Bugbear Entertainment ( Ridge Racer Unbounded ), the game takes drifting to a whole new level. Plus, there will be all sorts of crazy destruction, along with updated visuals "that make every spinning wheel or gleaming fender shimmer with life." Battle your friends to nab the fastest lap times; find those valuable shortcuts, shave seconds off that time with expert handling, and rise up the leaderboard!

Unbounded was lotsa fun; here's hoping Driftopia will be even better.

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