The big games have yet to hit, so in the meantime, how are the next-gen consoles faring over at Well, the latest numbers are in from the massive online retailer, and it seems little has changed over the past few weeks.

The Nintendo Wii moved up one slot from #5 to #4 on Amazon's Computer and Video Games section, and it's the only one of the three next-gen consoles that moved up. The system also managed to land the top slot with Mario Party 8 .

The PS3, contrary to earlier rumors that sales were falling, stayed solid at the #27 spot, although the system still needs new software. The wildly popular launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man remains the most sought-after game for Sony's new system, coming in at #48.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 fell from the #19 spot a week ago to the #24 spot (could the PS3 finally pass the 360 in June?), and the newly introduced 360 Elite fell one position to #206. The reason for its lowly state is primarily because Amazon has so few in stock; the Elite carries a "limited availability" at the site.

Amazon is often a good indicator of overall console sales, so we'll have to check back and see what happens when the anticipated software starts to flow this summer, and especially this fall.

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