It's common for the biggest franchises in video games to receive big-screen adaptations. But did anyone anticipate a movie based on Gran Turismo ?

According to Eurogamer , Sony is indeed planning to bring GT to Hollywood. "The Social Network" and "Fifty Shades of Grey" producers Mike de Luca and Dana Brunetti have signed on, but there's no word on a cast just yet. Universal's "Fast and Furious" series continues to do well at the box office (a seventh entry is in pre-production even as we speak), so it's clear that brainless movies can succeed…so long as it has hot cars. Besides, Dreamworks is working on a "Need for Speed" movie, so why not a GT movie? Cars going fast can equal popularity.

It still seems odd, though. NFS always had that movie flair in my estimation, as it has always been just as much about attitude and style as it has been about racing. But Gran Turismo is a simulator; no babes in bikinis and no mangled attempts at a storyline (like Need for Speed: The Run ). So I have no idea how one turns this into a film, but it looks like it's gonna happen.