For any product to be successful, promotion is an absolute necessity. Bring it to the masses, so says the Gods of business, and Sony always follows this unwritten law. You're aware of the stand-up displays at all the retail stores, the magazine and TV commercials, and the billboard and headline ads. But are you aware of the roving PlayStation trucks?

Sony is hitting the road once again with their fleet of snazzy PlayStation 18-wheelers, designed specifically to showcase the PS3 and its many offerings. This promotion includes several initiatives, including the PlayStation Patrol, which is racing to retailers around the country even as we speak. The Patrol boasts 25 gaming stations, 12 of which are dedicated to the PS3 while the others encompass the PSP and PS2. It's all about promoting the brand name and getting people interested in Sony platforms, plain and simple.

So if you see one of these decked-out trucks on the road, don't be surprised. And if you see one parked next to your favorite game retailer, don't miss the opportunity to check it out!

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