If you're a long-time strategy/RPG fan, there's little chance you missed Disgaea: Hour of Darkness when it debuted ten years ago.

But if you did, or you always wanted to see a "spiritual successor" to that title, then Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is for you. It will release in North America on October 8, and a little earlier (September 27) in Europe.

Developer Nippon Ichi has also given us the second official trailer for the game. It features gameplay footage from the Japanese version of the game, and reminds us that the franchise is celebrating its 10th anniversary. All of your favorite characters will be making their triumphant returns, and that patented off-the-wall humor will be quite evident. Disgaea has always been amusing, but it has also boasted insanely deep and time-consuming gameplay.

Hope you've got some time for it.